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We are a style sharing platform and our mission is to get every woman represented.  Sharing your style choices for every occasion is as important as what makes you different to others.  A size 6 in a 5’2” looks and works differently than a size 6 in a 5’7”.  Our choices help pull out the outfit according to our body type and height.  Share your choices and you might be helping an entire community of women just like you.

Women‘s bodies change and grow every single day.  We have so much going on in our lives and that’s what makes it exciting.  Keep moving forward with your changes and choose your style for who you are.  Whether you are a new mom, new at college life, going back to work, retiring, beginning a new exciting chapter at any age we can help you dress up to the occasion.  Look for ideas from women like you on how to tackle the outfit.   Share things you have learned along the way and learn new ones by checking out the amazing style choices other women share with you.

Try new clothes that you never wore before and you might see yourself in a completely new way.  Try new clothes on, is Free and if you don’t like what you see you can always take them off!  Dare to move forward.

To get started you can find your style by looking at these outfit searches by body type and size.

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