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Fuller hips and thighs and a smaller bust and also a smaller waist (yay!). Your get go style would be to play up your torso a bit more. You can pull off detailed tops in wavy fabrics. By adding dimension to your upper part you are balancing your entire figure. Straight pants in dark colors will draw the attention upwards. A-line skirt where art thou! This skirt will be your best friend, add a simple top revamp your shoulders and you are concealing a wider hip and accentuating your slimmest part in no time. Play up that waist and torso like there is no tomorrow!
Some of the hourglass rules apply but you are blessed with a smaller upper half which gives you room to play blouses and tops that have more interest to them (we bet you never thought about that!)



We talk about A-line is a great choice for you. In case you wonder if you can pull off a straight line skirt, you can, just have in mind that you will need it to be fitted straight from the widest part of the hip downward and no narrowing at the hem.


Empire waist dresses, A- line dresses, wrap dresses, everything that is tailored through the waist and has a full skirt, or has the embellishment and the light coloring on the upper part looks great on you. The possibilities are limitless here.


Straight leg and flat front that sits on the narrow of your waist; this will elongate and balance your figure. When choosing a pant you have to make sure that your hips are well fit.


This is fun, since you need to counterbalance a bigger bottom half you can really have a blast with a jacket that sits on the waist. Think leather, think tweed, and think corduroy. As long as it is structured (and proportion not too big or small) you can pull this off any time. If you are tall you can even go for a longer coat in an interesting fabric. The key element here is your waist, never forget you have one.

Jeans and pants are always best without embellishments or pocket and cuts that draw attention to the hips.

Always try a pointy shoe, it elongates any figure and a little heel does wonders to the legs.


What To Avoid?

No dresses that hide your waist, like tunics
No straight short skirts
No bias cut skirts or dresses
No ultra low rise pants, they accentuate the widest of your hip, shorten your legs and give you a muffin top (do you need anything else?)
No cardigans, if it cover your bottom it will give you a boxy figure
No boot cuts unless you live in a farm

How to Dress if you are Pear shaped and Petite

A cropped Jacket or a Jacket that falls at the hips is great to show balance. A line dresses and skirts that falls above the knee. You can show as much leg as possible while keeping classy. Mark your waist and add an interesting top with an attention catcher neckline or a necklace or a wrapped scarf. If you want to go with a pencil skirt think about a peplum top. Remember you need to add structure to your upper half but not bulk.


How to Dress if you are Pear shaped and Regular

Your height give you some leverage here, try to use color on your upper half and keep the lower half darker. A wide leg trouser with a flat front looks beautiful and tailored. You can go for short jackets and you can pull off a three quarter jacket with a waist seam as well. V necks elongate your torso and attract the eye upward.


How to Dress if you are Pear shaped and Tall

You can pull off the equestrian look; think about timeless Ralph Lauren looks. Always accentuate your waist and bring color and attention to the collarbone with a shirt or an interesting neckline. Tailored jackets marking your waist falling at the widest of the hip and a great straight trouser. Even with your height as a pear shaped, your legs tend to look shorter in the wrong pants. Take extra care in finding a trouser that sits exactly at the crotch.


Congrats! You belong to the Pear shaped club

Some members are: Reese Whitherspoon, Claire Danes, Leighton Meister, Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, and Zooey Deschanel.

You can learn from them on the choices of outfit for different occasions. Learn from their styles. Keep in mind celebrities have stylist that knows the best ways to conceal and emphasize what you have.

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