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This body type has little definition between bust, waist and hips. The go to style is anything that showcases your middle and you can add flare at the bottom or add dimension to the top. This body shape let you use so many different styles and trends. You will benefit by creating more volume to the hips and bust but you can always, and we mean always, pull off classy. That is something of a gift.
Straight body type has the gift of not having to play down any body part. What you need is to find out how to play with layers, textures and colors. Every body type has its challenges and yours is how to create volume and dimension without bulk.



Skirts, fuller skirts, long skirts, pleated skirts, pencil skirts only when it narrows down at the hem and when you add an item like a peplum top that really defines your waist thus giving you fuller hips.


Sheath dresses with side cuts in other fabrics and colors. Halter dresses or blouses, by emphasizing your shoulders and your trim back you are bringing sexy back and you will still look classy.

Pants and Jeans

Since you would benefit by enhancing your “derriere” you can really go crazy with pants and jeans that have pockets. Boyfriend style jeans and trousers will give volume to your hips. Remember to keep them tight at your hips so you won’t lose definition. Low rise is worth trying unless you have a longer torso. Boot cut and flare can also add balance and curves if you are on the tall side. Pleated trousers also looks great on this body type and it is such an easy classy look for work.
Skinny Pants, my darlings these ones were only meant for you! Your naturally elongated figure let you layer on top of these pants and you still will look proportioned.


Jackets are a key element it will cut your figure and give the impression of a fuller upper body and make a more defined waist, just like that.

Fitted Jackets, feminine tops, flared and full skirts you have so many options, and the key is to try and try until you really get the look that you like. You can have blouses with interesting sleeves (not pirate sleeves though). Belts are a must, splurge on different designs and colors; you can always throw one on any blouse or dress. By playing your midsection you can add curves with just the right clothes.

You can rock patterns and lighter colors, lucky ones! Remember that pattern has to be in accordance with your statue; the taller you are the pattern you choose may be bigger to achieve a bolder look.

Layering is a plus too. If you are on the taller side, you can have skinny pants with tall boots, a body hugging knit that cover through your hip and then a great cropped jacket. If you are petite you can achieve this by having the correct fitting (the best friend for any petite is a good tailor)

Knitwear is your ally, and once again it seems that is something specifically made for you. Since you have nothing to play down on your body you just need to know how to emphasize with color and textures.


What To Avoid?

Stay away from clothes that are not your right size or have no definition; you will look as you are wearing a sheet or overalls.
High rise pants or jeans give a disproportionally long lower body part. On the same note, very low rise pants give you a very long torso. Steer clear of these styles and try to find a middle ground (pun intended).


Congrats! You belong to the straight body club

Some famous members are: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Palermo, Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton, Uma Thurman, and Natalie Portman.

This group has very different heights and very different styles. It is interesting to watch their choices and how they pull them off.

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