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This body type carries its weight on the torso with no definition at the waist.  The biggest challenge is a larger tummy while the bust can range from small to large. Apple body types usually have thinner arms along with beautiful and toned legs. Those are the assets that will help you balance your entire figure.


Tops and Jackets

The key objective is to achieve a fluid line in between your torso and your lower half while downplaying some bulk.  Tops and jackets with some structure are key; this means no clingy fabrics or too loose cuts. One thing you have to be very careful is where the jacket line falls and where the line of the waist will be placed.  This means that the waist line should be a bit up your natural waist without necessarily being an empire cut (for example, jackets that have some detailing or have a faux belt). The hem of the jacket or blouse can fall on your hip, making a successful transition to the bottom half of your body which is where you start to slim down. If you are on the taller side you can pull of longer jackets that fall at the knee, thus giving the sensation of an elongated figure. Think of a jacket or blouse that will get your eye upright, V-neck works best by elongating and giving interest to the eye. Cowl necks that aren’t too big will emphasize your neck and give a different dimension to the torso.

Pattern is your ally; an interesting pattern will camouflage a tummy and conceal it. A ruched top distracts the eye without adding bulk.  Think of faux wrapped tops but be sure they stay put and have a nice underlining.
We have two different options for tops; you can either go for a structured fabric and streamlined cut to move along the torso without touching it, emphasizing your collarbone and your arms. Or you can opt for a flowy top, with a jacket or cardigan on top to create the line of the body without bulk.

Classic Cardigans that fall on your hip and longer ones even asymmetrical are great options for your figure. The right cardigan will accentuate your bone structure on the shoulders and with the correct top it will flow away from your midriff. Remember, it has to be a thin knit that holds it shape without adding any bulk.
A classic single breast trench coat is also a great investment. You will have this piece of clothing forever and it can really streamline your figure. 
We know sometimes a jacket will fit perfectly at the shoulders but won’t button up at the tummy. You can go up one size and have the shoulders and arms tailored for you.  Or, if you really, really love the jacket (and this is very unconventional advice) you can always wear it open with a long scarf, just don’t try to pull the lapels together every two seconds or everybody will see you can’t button it up.


What To Avoid?

No tucked in blouses, shirts or t-shirts. Belts only should be worn as part of the ensemble and they have to be placed almost at the rib cage (no kidding). High necklines are not flattering for this body type.
No bulky and puffy tops and jackets. Anything too tight or too clingy tends to emphasize the tummy. Large and chunky sweaters are a big no.
For bottoms is best to avoid any bulk around the tummy, so no pleats or pockets on the front.
No lower cut pants.
No monochromatic ensembles unless you have a third piece, like a jacket, on top.

Dresses and Skirts

Pencil skirts look amazing on you! Keep them neutral and not too tight and you will have a staple in your closet. Paired with a flowy blouse and a cardigan that falls at your hip, with an interesting pattern, and you will look classy and put together effortlessly. Bias cut skirts and paneled skirts are all great options for you as well.

Dresses with a bias cut, sheaths dresses with structured fabric, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, a dress with a ruched or some detailed on the top are all great options.   Bandeau top dresses are great for summer and look extremely good on you. Empire cuts look amazing. Tunics that showcase your arms, are short and showcase your legs are good for Apple body types as well. The important part on these dresses is where the attention will go, you need to showcase your neckline, shoulders or arms, and if it has a pattern the better. If the collar has a different fabric the attention will go to your head and shoulders make sure you have extra fabric on the midriff to move freely; that is why a ruched dress will look good. The point is that the details should be on the neckline and/or under the bust. Remember, trapeze and A-line dresses work but the eye should be drawn upwards and the fabric has to have some structure so it will hold the shape.

Pants and Jeans

It is very important to add dimension without bulk. If you choose pants that are too tight they will throw you off balance.
Trouser pants are best, with a flat front. If you can find it, a trouser jean is a must. Slim fit jeans or straight jeans are best because they give balance to the entire figure. Boot cuts are only good if you are regular or tall.
A word on skinny jeans, you can rock this with a pair of boots that will balance the top with your bottom. Accentuating the thinness of your lower half will make the top look larger than it actually is. That is why the boots will give you balance.  On this same line, leggins can work too, in summer you can add them to an A-line dress or trapeze.


Congrats! You are a member of the Apple Body Type club.

This is a key body shape to master. Whether you were born with it or you grew into it, you can really work around it in a successful way.

Some famous members are: Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet, Sherri Shepperd, Marcia Gay Harden, Meryl Streep, and Drew Barrymore.

You can learn from them on the choices of outfit for different occasions. Learn from their styles. Keep in mind celebrities have stylist that knows the best ways to conceal and emphasize what you have.

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