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You are curvy with a full bust, full hips and a small waist.  Embrace your curves with wrap dresses, V neck tops and pencil skirt.  This is a body type that can transport you to the tailored 1940’s and 1950’s.  Flaunt that smaller waistline and you will have a polished and balanced figure.  The trick is to have a close fitting instead of a tight hugging fitting.
A very important trick is the length of a skirt, to have an elongated figure the skirt should fall at the middle or below the knee.  This will counterbalance a full bust and will give that glamorous look hourglass can pull off.

Another trick, hourglass benefit from is an interesting neckline, think architectural, v necks are good but also play with diagonal lines.


Dark washes look bestStraight legs with trouser like fit look best.  This is a tricky item, our advice for you is to go and try as many as you can find.  There is so much technology into the cuts and fabrics.  Try to stay away from low rise, oversize pockets.   Most expensive doesn’t translate in a better fit.  Our advice is to go and try as many as you possibly can, drive the salesperson crazy!  When in doubt, take a picture and compare.


Buy the best bra you can afford.  Keep the girls happy and in good shape! This is important because you need to create space in between the waist and the girls. In case you are going for strapless (and this one is really tough to pull on with a big chest because the support you need) be sure that you have built in support and if it has some corseted structure even better, it will look edgy and va va voom altogether.

What to Avoid?
Low rise cuts They accentuate your thighs and will create an instant muffin top
Shapeless or boxy styles like tunics and oversized cardigans These will give you the fridge effect
Low cut dresses Showing too much skin cuts your figure instead of showing off your curve lines, a higher neckline will show your curves and elongate your figure
Stay away from tops with ruffles and things that make you bulky.  Chunky sweaters are another item that is a big no-no

How to dress if you are Hourglass and you are Petite

Petites of the world, remember to accessorize according to scale.  That goes for bags, belts and shoes.  You don’t need a huge heel or platform, just one enough to give you the feel of a longer leg and remember that boots that sit midcalf can do the trick just the same.   
Jackets are very important; they help you pull of an entire outfit.  Go for a tailored jacket that sit just below your waist or that sit at the hip but has a structured waist, this will conceal the hip line and enhance your waist.

How to dress if you are Hourglass and you are Regular

You can wear a three quarter top coat, straight leg jeans and a jewel tone top.  The key is your height, it will allow you to wear longer jackets and still look slimmer all over.

How to dress if you are Hourglass and you are Tall

Try skirts or dresses that are straight from the waist down and flare up midway.  This is a very 50’s look very flattering.  Remember, accessories like belts have to be proportion to your stature.  A thicker belt will emphasize your smaller waist and won’t look lost in your height.

Congratulations you belong to the Hourglass club!

Some members are:  Marylin Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez,  Beyonce Knowles,  Salma Hayek, Christina Hendriks,  Halle Berry,  Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson.

Learn from them, see how they dress up for different occasions and learn what works best for you.  This are actresses that have access to great stylist and great clothes.  You can get ideas for outfits and even if they have designer clothes you can achieve a very close look.  What is more important is that you can see your body in a better way with all the range of possibilities for you.

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